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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spuds on the Warpath

In recent years, the closest thing the team has had to an offensive line is "Hail to the Redskins." Now the guilt riddled left is hell-bent on taking that away. The least disruptive and most cost effective solution for the Skins, would be to replace the formidable proud American Indian profile with the humble redskin potato. That should shut the libs up until they realize that potatoes are members of the tobacco family. –Dale  


LL said...

I like the idea of swapping out the indian's face for a potato with withered leaves.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The "Offensive Line" comment was the best.

Dale said...

Thanks LL and Odie. When the leaves are withered, it's time to get the taters out of the ground, which is where RGIII so often finds himself because of that front line. Go Skins.

Phil said...

The local news here in Kansas City (Home of the Hapless
"Chiefs" who I guess will have to change their name as well!) had someone Tweet in that he agreed that the Washington Redskins was demeaning and offensive. They should change the name to the Virginia Redskins to avoid future embarrassment.

Dale said...

Hi Phil,

My Dad was from KC and a lifelong disappointed Chiefs fan. Remembering the real football of the first Joe Gibbs era Redskins is the only solace we have here, kind of like having to remember Reagan to keep our American dream alive. Virginia Redskins, great observation.

Grey Bear said...

Give them what they desire. Change it to the 'Foreskins' in honor of all the pric*^ in Congress that are using this diversion to cover the empty suit in the oval office.

prolifemama said...


Dale, you are The Master!

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